Piercings By Halley O’Donnell

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Piercings By Halley O’Donnell

Body piercing is when a hole is made in your skin or through a part of your body with a Hollow Needle, and a piece of high quality jewelry is inserted for decoration. The earlobe is one of the most common body piercings. Other common places to pierce include the eyebrow, nose, tongue, lip, belly button, nipples, genitals and Microdermal Implants (or single-point piercings) — Not to mention a plethora of variations of the aforementioned anatomy.

How is piercing performed?

All jewelry and body piercing implements are single use, sterilized 316L Surgical Grade Steel used in biomedical applications . Upgrade jewelry options, Sterile Aftercare Products, and comprehensive written aftercare instructions are also made available to the client.